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SCH500 Doors

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Often imitated but never equalled !

Schweyer doors and protections result from a combination of studies
and experience acquired in the course of the last twenty years.

Each passing day, we make a point of always moving forward
to maintain our leading edge.

Innovating to better fulfil your expectations : at Schweyer's,
such is the spirit that drives us on a daily basis

From design through to construction, our engineering
and design department is at your disposal for all your projects.
No wonder our doors are always wide open for you !

SCH 500 : a versatile and tested material.
All doors are made with SCH500,
a material fashioned in our specialised workshop.
It carries numerous positive qualities
and has been tried and tested for many years in the food industry
by communities, stores, industrial units, schools...

Maximum resistance

High rigidity and resistance to shocks, chemical stresses,
variations in temperature, corrosion,
grease, cleaning agents as well as a low coefficient of friction,
all contribute in making
SCH500 a versatile material prized for
its qualities in a wide array of sectors of activity.


Compliance with standards

Products used in manufacturing coloured SCH500
comply with the laws on products that may be in contact
with foodstuff.
Excellent performance over time.
Doors are easy to clean and require virtually no maintenance.


Aesthetic qualities

Over 10 mass-coloured possibilities, allowing to define or customise various areas
and brighten up premises dedicated to sales or work.


Colours are not contractual

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