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SCH500 Swing Doors

Well equipped doors
Schweyer doors are delivered complete and ready to fit.
Start by defining your need by choosing your type of doors :

Door Swing of classic type

Door Swing of symply type

Door Swing of vision type

All back and forth doors are made of SCH500, a machined material in our specialist workshop.
With many qualities, they have long been adopted and proven for applications in the agri-food sector, for communities, businesses, industries, schools ...
15 mm thick leaves with or without rear reinforcement (depending on its use) and can be equipped with protection options. We are the only ones who can offer you 10 colors to choose from which will allow you to delimit sectors and / or to identify your premises to your image thanks to the colors.

Choice of the type of doors

  • "classical" : Maximum resistance for regular and intensive passage with all types of gear or objects. Rear reinforcement on 40mm height gives increased rigidity.
  • "symply" : Regular passage and passage of non-motorized machines. Ideal also for the human passage. Rear reinforcement only at the hinges.
  • "vision" : A compromise between the two other types of doors but bringing a better vision. Ideal in dark premises.

Maximum resistance

  • Rigid, resistant to shocks, chemical aggressions, temperature differences, corrosion, grease, maintenance products, with a low coefficient of friction, its qualities make it a versatile material popular in sectors very varied activities.

According to the norms

  • The products used in the color SCH500 comply with the legislation on products that can come into contact with food.

Looking for a door that :

  • closes all the time after your passage and a 180 ° opening: choose the double-acting stainless steel hinge
  • keeps the position open at 90 ° and compact: choose the double-acting SCH500 hinge locking at 90 °
  • only compact: choose the double effect SCH500 hinge

Fastening on insulated panels or partitions

  • Masonry : doors with stainless hinges are equipped with stainless steel plates. Doors with PESCH hinges can be fixed directly against the wall.
  • Existing building : doors with stainless hinges are equipped with narrow stainless steel plates, size 260 x 55 mm, fixed to the hinges. Supplied without screws, to be welded or screwed. For Pesch hinges, provide a frame at least 60 mm wide to fix the hinge.

Fastening on insulated panels or partitions

  • The doors are equipped with U-shaped frames, in stainless steel sheet, thickness 1.5 mm, pre-drilled to 11 mm diameter, ready to assemble. These frames are equipped with aluminum angles to be riveted to the lintel to ensure optimum rigidity of the whole.
  • On request: C-shaped frame.

Very good behavior in the weather

  • The doors are easy to clean and almost maintenance free.

Evolution of doors

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