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Conveyors with belt

Some achievements :

Cutting Mat


They allow the transfer or handling of bulk or packaged
(trays, cartons, boxes, bottles, etc...).

  • All possible dimensions.
  • Achievable in straight lines, horizontal ascending or descending.
  • Many possibilities in the choice of the conveyor belt,
    depending on the product to transport, load, temperature,
    desired level of hygiene :
    Conveyor belt coated PVC, polyurethane, silicone or Teflon
    with underside Waterproof, PVC or polyurethane.
    The band can be equipped with accessories such as welded
    cleats, sidewalls, trapezoidal guide
    on underside, etc.. For the most demanding areas,
    the band polyurethane coating with polyurethane underside
    profile and "grain rice" welded edges sealed
    offer the best protection against proliferation bacteriological.
  • Each conveyor is equipped :
    - a chassis in stainless steel 304L slip feet on tripods or
    or swivel wheels with brakes, height adjustable.
    - a band expansion system without any tools, by raising the idler.
    - a sliding support in stainless steel profiles, or polyethylene,
    or not perforated.
    - by a motor drum motor
    with minimum bulk and maximum hygiene.
  • Optional additional accessories suitable
    your products and needs saber, hopper, chute,
    shores of capacity, product guides adjustable or fixed,
    transfer roller, scraper, work tables,
    remote control, weighing system, stainless steel electrical box.

Some options : click on the picture to enlarge

Band cleats and side edges Rapid expansion of the band Sabre input or output pad Transfer out of carpet rolls Tables perpendicular to the strip

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