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Modular belt Conveyors

Some achievements :

Cutting Mat


They allow the transfer or handling of bulk or packaged
(trays, cartons, boxes, bottles, etc...).

  • All possible dimensions.
  • Achievable in straight lines, horizontal ascending or descending
    curves but also over long distances.
  • Advantages: very resistant strips that can be quickly repaired
    or replaced if damaged, so little downtime
    in case of problems. The strips can be up to 76% perforated,
    where good drainage, good air circulation for cooling or
    drying and easy cleaning.
    Temperature resistant from -70 ° C to +200 ° C,
    depending on the material used.
  • Modular belts come in three major families of materials :
    - polypropylene : general applications, excellent chemical resistance
    but avoid shocks below 10 ° C, moderate price.
    - polyethylene : excellent chemical resistance, good resistance to
    shock and low temperatures, but avoid abrasive media in.
    - acetal : high strength at break, shock, abrasion,
    cuts and cold, but is not suitable for long-term contact
    with a high concentration of acid and chlorine.
  • Modular belts can be perforated or solid, and can be equipped
    accessories such as cleats, sidewalls,
    slip inserts, roller skating accumulation, etc.…
  • 304L stainless steel chassis while on foot or tripods, or
    on castors with brakes, with height adjustment.
  • Support Sliding perforated slats HDPE PE 500 or HD 1000.
  • Acetal gears on stainless steel
    shaft with sealed bearings polyamide
  • By geared motor with hollow shaft direct drive
    no secondary transmission.
    On request, motors per drum motor.
  • Optional additional accessories depending
    needs saber, hopper, chute, banks of capacity, product guides
    adjustable or not, transfer roller, stop
    simple work tables, tables parallel or herringbone
    electrical box, remote control, cleats.

Some options : click on the picture to enlarge

Band cleats and side edges Side tables 2 color strip for the detection Transfer out of carpet rolls Tables perpendicular to the strip Lateral guidance

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