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Swing Loaders

Swing loader with load capacity 350 Kg

Swing loader with load capacity 500 Kg

Swing loader with load capacity 900 Kg

Swing loader with load capacity 1200 Kg

Swing loaders are used to empty Europe trays,
tanks, barrels and all kind of containers.

They are classified in various categories depending
on the load to be lifted (between 200 and 1200 kg).

  • Constructed entirely in stainless steel AISI 304.
  • The usual tipping height is between 1000 and 1200 mm,
    but we have developed appliances
    capable of tipping at a height of more than 1650 mm.
  • The most commonplace applications are :
    The loading of tables, conveyors, machines,
    distribution in various tanks or, quite simply,
    improving workstation ergonomics.
  • They are always fitted with a chute welded to the moving part,
    conveying the container during tipping.
  • All models (except a compact pneumatic model for Euro buggies
    with a max. load of 300 kg)
    operate on a central hydraulic system and stainless steel cylinders.
  • Swing loaders are operated by simply pressing push buttons to lift or lower.
    Control box with emergency stop on the right-hand side is standard.
  • Confirm right or left hand or whether remote control.
    They are fitted with a safety device should a hydraulic hose rupture
    (fall-arrester safety device).
  • Oil used = food standard quality oil (NSF H-1 Approved).
  • Tipping angle between 26 and 30°.
  • Fixed or mobile models.

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