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Swing Loaders 500 Kg

For unloading Pal-box of 1200x800 mm
or 1200x1000 mm (please specify).
Load capacity 500 kg.

Dump height: 1000-1600 mm, according to set requirements.

Swing Loader REH500 for pal-box

Swing Loader REH500 for pal-box

  • Restraint bar bins with 3 points of adjustment.
  • Sense input width or length to be specified.
    Cargo area U, angles of large section.
  • The operator places the container on the loading area,
    with a forklift or pallet trucks.
  • With duct system products. Angular stop in any position.
  • With 2 stainless steel feet. Control board 24 V. CE

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