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Pallet Trucks

Semi-steel Pallet Trucks

Stainless Steel Pallet trucks

Semi-steel Pallet Trucks Rep. A

Used to transport the pallets, containers and tanks. Electropolished stainless steel frame while (drawbar, apron, fork).
Pump bichromate yellow, anti-corrosion treated. 2 steering wheels, diam. 200 mm white nylon.
2 bogies white nylon. Linkage galvanized steel.
Hydraulic lift 85 to 195 mm. Load 2000 kg - 90 ° rotation

Plastic Pallet

Plastic Pallet Rep. C

Smooth top. Good quality material, resistant to the use of cleaning products.
Neutral odor. Easy cleaning and disinfection. Life long.
Constant weight. Regular size. During storage rack, pallet
load is reduced to 500 - 1000 kg

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