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Boot driers

Dry-sided boots

Boot driers

Disinfection, deodorization and drying daily
allow DELETE causes dermatoses and fungal infections
on people and bacterial blooms all
sources of external contamination, thanks to the bactericidal and fungicidal
hot air, enriched Ozone, produced by the device.

Dry double sided boots


Drying is performed by means of a ventilation system to high air
This air may be ambient air (20 ° C) or heated air by means of resistance
heating (30-45 ° C). Average drying time: 1:30
Drying should be daily.


Ozone (O3) in the form of producer gas generator and released in the air stream
drying element is the disinfectant.
Generators used meet the standards MAK
(concentration of ozone in the air) and are only very small quantities,
ozone is a powerful disinfectant safe for humans.
disinfection time average: 2:00 - This system removes any bad odor.

Boot driers on Feet
L x l x h mm No.of pairs Réf.
650 x 803 x 1925 10 49.10.001
1300 x 803 x 1925 20 49.20.001
1140 x 1070 x 1925 40 49.40.001
1910 x 1210 x 1925 60 49.60.001

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Dry boots in cabinet

Module dryer boots

Dry boots in cabinet

Dry suit-boots and steel lockers.
1 pair of boots for dressing element.
Module consists of a standard chassis boot dryer for 4 pairs,
and a locker for 4 people.
Sun standard model: 1200 x 450 x 2240 mm

Range Boot

Stainless steel wall mounting.
Inclined shaft boot
for storage and drying
work boots

Range Boot Wall
L x l x h mm No.of pairs Réf.
1300 x 450 x 530 10 60.71.131
2450 x 450 x 530 20 60.71.132
3600 x 450 x 530 30 60.71.133

Range Boot Wall

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