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Walk Through boot washers

Walk through boot washers

Boot washers - LBPO
L x l x h mm Réf.
1141 x 1354 x 1305 45.60.005
  • All stainless steel AISI 304L Solewasher.
  • A necessary step in both directions. Operation by optical detection cell
    (possibility of deporting the wall in the case of a washing soles without barriers).
  • Five motors driving five rotating brushes in Blue Hairs PVC 6/12.
  • The model can be embedded in the ground after civil works (at your expense). The brushes are easily removable.
    All dirt is discharged directly (siphon provide premises or PVC connection).
  • Detergent dispenser included.
  • Access of the operator on top of the washing soles.
  • Electrical box and easily accessible option to deport the wall.
  • 2 to the pipe laterals optimal flow of users and footboard input and output. Possibility also channeling staff by additional barriers if your premises dictate (optional).

Fonctionnement :

The water comes and goes in a perforated central ramp. This water containing detergent asparagus brushes. The mechanical hard bristle brushes, water and the product can optimal washing soles. This device is equipped with a dosing of detergent ensuring the injection of product with each pass.

Avantages :

  • Optical cell placed high on the ramps, which allows detection every time.
  • Access to the engine on top, even for models built which allows easy maintenance.
  • Brushes in the longitudinal direction, which allows a 100% cleaning studs rom the specimen width with brushes.
  • Five motors: 1 motor brush by which avoids stress on the latter therefore greater longevity.
  • 400 V - 50 Hz

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