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Wall Protections

SCH500 Wall protections

Characteristic :

  • Ideal to protect panels, doors, etc.
    Shock-proof, watertight, withstands corrosion and time.
  • Choice of 10 colours : white, blue, green, sulfur, gray,
    red, orange, mango, granite, salt / pepper.
  • Top and bottom rounded profile,
    to prevent build up of water or dirt.
  • Top and bottom bewelled profile,
    to prevent build up of water or dirt
  • Fitted with visible stainless steel screws,
    screw cover profiles or caps (to be determined).
    Screw cover profiles or caps may be supplied
    in a different colour.
  • Available thicknesses: 15, 20, 30 and 40 mm.
  • All colours available, thicknesses: 15 and 40 mm

SCH500 Wall protections detail

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